KWG Cetus M1 Gaming Chair Black


KWG Cetus M1 Gaming Chair Black, Retail Box, 1 year warranty

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KWG Cetus M1 Gaming Chair Black, Retail Box, 1-year warranty
Product Overview:
High Resilience Foam Filling to ensure the chair doesn’t reform advanced Leather Style Vinyl which is soft, breathable, and resistant to sweating with 2D-Direction Adjustable armrests protect shoulders and wrists. Customizable Comfort – with adjustable back angle and customizable seat height high Load Capacity – maximum load capacity of 440 lbs stability – Sturdy 5 star durable steel base supports loading weight of up to 1,200kg
• Product Code: CETUSM1
• KWG Cetus M1 Gaming Chair Black
• Foam Type High-Density Mould Shaping Foam
• Frame Construction Metal
• Chair Cover Material Leather Style Vinyl
• Adjustable Armrests 2D
• Gas Lift Class & Specification 4 / 100 mm
• Mechanism Type Conventional Tilt
• Base Type Durable Steel Base
• Caster Size & Material 60mm Caster / Nylon
• Weight Capacity <440 lbs / 200 kg

Additional information

Weight 21.175 kg
Dimensions 93.5 × 72.6 × 33 cm


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