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PlayStation 5 Game – SACKBOY A BIG ADVENTURE, Retail Box, No Warranty on Software

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PlayStation 5 Game – SACKBOY A BIG ADVENTURE, Retail Box, No Warranty on Software
Product Overview:
Take Sackboy on an epic 3D platforming adventure with your friends. Face thrilling, unpredictable challenges as you explore distinctive hand-crafted lands through deeply immersive and expressive controls.
Can you save Craftworld from the dastardly Vex and his nightmarish Topsy Turver device… and become the Knitted Knight of legend?
Go solo in an epic race against time stuffed with danger and peril – or create teams of two to four adventurers for fun-packed party play as you work together to overcome nefarious tasks however you can imagine.
Game Features:
Perilous Platforming Experience:
Explore here, there and everywhere as you utilise Sackboy’s cool, diverse move-set to face a huge variety of thrilling challenges, fierce enemies and startling surprises.
Collaborative, Chaotic and Joyful Multiplayer:
Take on side-splitting challenges in local and online party play. Parties can play through the whole game – including unmissable co-op only levels.
Sackboy returns to the big time stuffed with fresh moves and game-changing gadgets in an awe-inspiring and downright fun 3D adventure in this new, but familiar world.
Features on PS5:
Tempest 3D AudioTech
Hear Craftworld come life all around you
Haptic Feedback
Running across wool like flooring or platforms will use haptics to simulate the change in material under Sackboy
Fast Loading
Experience fast loading between and into levels, including in multiplayer sessions with the PS5™ console’s ultra-high speed SSD



• Product Code: 711719824121
• Description: PlayStation 5 Game – SACKBOY A BIG ADVENTURE
• DepartmentVideo Games
• Released 16 Nov 2020
• Type Games
• Platform PlayStation 5
• Edition Standard Edition
• Genre Platformer
• Publisher SIEE
• Developer Sumo Digital
• Retail Box
• No Warranty on Software 



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